Make Money As An Affiliate

Focus Damn You… Focus!!

I heard that in a movie once but at this time I can not remember which one it is from..

Of all of the questions I get about making money online - the number one by far is this - "what would you recommend to get started"..

Easy.  Focus..Focus.. And focus more..

One of my favorite books is the Art of War by Sun Tzu and my favorite line from that book is this "Your strength will one day be your weakness".  So how does that apply here?  The strength of being an online affiliate marketer is that there are so many ways to make money online.  That is also the weakness.  There are too many ways to make money online today.  The biggest challenge I see with people and myself is getting pulled into different areas and different markets.  I always find myself glancing over at the shiny penny in the corner.

To be successful - pick an area of expertise and just do it.  Let nothing else sway your attention or commitment.  I know this sounds easy but it is truly the hardest part of this game.

An ex-coworker approached me a couple of month back on how he could build up his own web business.  I told him about the focus thing.  I told him about a way I was using the Amazon affiliate program to make some good money and I was going to walk him through the whole process.  They get the site up and running and I am on the phone with them giving them some pointers and tweaks they needed to make.  I then said - and after we get this site all up and rolling we can find another market and move on to it..   Silence on the phone.....  Followed by "we already bought a couple more domain names in different areas that we have been messing around with"....


These guys had just started out and were working with me step by step and had decided to throw up a couple more sites doing different stuff.  This is not how to be successful online.

Start with ONE THING!  Focus on that one site.  Complete all of the steps and become profitable on that one site.  Then move on.  Repeat the process.


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